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Adverse Credit Remortgages


A day that you were hoping would never come has in fact occurred and you have no idea what to do or how to get out of this mess. When you took out your mortgage a few years back at a low rate, you read in the fine print that in a few years the interest rate would jump up and you knew in the back of your mind that your monthly payment would become unpayable. You are now faced with a payment that exceeds your budget. Are you afraid that bad credit scores, largely incurred from falling behind on your present mortgage, and resulting adverse credit ratings, are keeping you from refinancing your home mortgage to achieve lower payments that you can comfortably make each month? At we may have a total solution to your problem



This is the process where you get rid of your current mortgage that has kicked in with a new huge interest rate and you pay it off with the proceeds of a new mortgage that we will obtain for you. Because you have a piece of property that you used for the old loan, in most instances your house, you have good security for the new loan which is what every lender is looking for. By remortgaging now, you have freed yourself from having to make payments which you can't pay and you will put your credit rating back on track. As an example, let's say you have one of those mortgages where after two or three years the rate has changed from 2 or 3 percent to something like 12 percent and this is outside your payment range. Even with adverse credit, you can wipe out that old mortgage and remortgage at rates you can live with and comfortably pay each month.


Using the same amount of money that you currently owe on your existing mortgage, you'll get a brand new adverse credit mortgage at an affordable interest rate which will most likely be fixed for the whole term of the mortgage so that in a few years you're not faced with the same problem you are currently experiencing. Many people were enticed by loan companies three, four and five years ago to take out mortgages with very little cash down, not much income or debt verification, and with very low interest rates for a couple of years. Well, now those mortgage rates are changing under the contract and the average homeowner needs to remortgage to a loan that he or she can work with.


Credit and mortgage companies are looking for homeowners who have the available income to make a mortgage payment at a reasonable rate within the homeowner's budget. These companies realize that you may have fallen behind on your current mortgage because it was impossible to make those exorbitant payments, and you may have adverse credit. These companies want to work with you. As long as the remortgage company has security for the loan, with a new mortgage on your home, they know that over the next few years the economy will recover and the value of your home will increase, giving both them and you more security. They also know that you are a reliable homeowner with a family who wants to pay the mortgage every month.


Simply go right now to and start on the road to a remortgage even with adverse credit. Don't toss and turn at night worrying about losing your home. Remortgaging with adverse credit is available to you now!

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