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CCJ Remortgage Deals

Do you have a County Court Judgement outstanding and you are unable to get approved for a remortgage? A CCJ Remortgage is the solution to all your credit problems. This means despite having mortgage arrears, bad credit or a history of default, a CCJ remortage can still be obtained. Even if the CCJ affects your credit worthiness for 6 years (or more) CCJ Remortgage deals offered by lenders will give the borrower some flexibility.

CCJ remortgage deals are available to people with CCJ issues as long as they meet a few requirements. There must at least 5% equity or a 5% desposit in the home in order to get a CCJ remortgage deal. The borrower might have to pay some surveyors fees if the lender wants to appraise the value of the property for themeselves.

The borrower's credit is checked when the borrower applies for a CCJ remortage. If the potential borrower has failed to change their poor credit habits, this type of remortgage will not really help. Even if this type of remortgage is a bit byzantine, the borrower, having to live with this credit stigma for several years, will want to get a CCJ remortgage deal that fits properly with their needs.

CCJ remortage deals are really a borrower's market, despite the requirements and the fact a CCJ remortgage charges a higher rate. There are large variations in CCJ remortgage rates. Like with obtaining other remortgages, doing a little research and homework into CCJ remortgage deals can help the borrower save thousands. Poor credit history and a County Credit Judgement are no longer scarlet letters on the breasts of borrowers with bad credit habits. There is a second chance, and this second chance is a CCJ remortgage. It is a borrower's market when it comes to finding a CCJ remortgage deals, as a CCJ remortgage is no death sentence.

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